On January 18, Queen of the Netherlands, Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna, turned 227.

Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna, the youngest daughter of Tsar Paul I, was born in Saint -Petersburg in 1795. She stayed in the Netherlands for 48 years, always close to ‘her Willem’. Although she saw herself mainly as a devoted wife, mother and sister, Russia may have remained her biggest love.

In the Netherlands Anna Pavlovna had her own Russian baker. She drank tea with water from Russian samovar, bathed according to Russian custom in ice-cold (sea) water and celebrated birthdays, according to Russian custom, the night before. In the palace park she walked with her Russian confidante and the Russian dogs and used troika to ride. There were many Russian elements in the palaces: furniture, portraits, vases from her homeland that she missed so much. Far away from her family, Anna Pavlovna often felt alone in the Netherlands. (Paul Rem. Anna Pavlovna. A colorful Romanov at the Dutch court).


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