TEAM behind the project

 In September 2018 two heritage professionals met at an ICOM conference and started to talk about their mutual heritage. Zoya Necheporenko, Head of Development at Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum and Theo Meereboer, concept developer, researcher and storytelling specialist at Museummaker, based in the Netherlands. They shared their knowledge, got enthusiastic about their mutual discoveries, started to gather innovative ideas and thus founded a very fruitful cooperation.

Due to the growing interest in, and therefore growing size of the project, and due to the fruitful cooperation between MuseumMaker and Gatchina Palace the team will be directed by the two founders from Russia and the Netherlands and consist of several other team members, who will contribute.

The team:

  • Theo Meereboer (creative director: research, content creation & editor in chief Netherlands, fund raising)
  • Zoya Necheporenko (project director: research, content creation & editor in chief Russian, PR & communication management)
  • Olga Abalyashina (fundraising, sponsor management)
  • Anastasia Mishina (project trainee: research, content creation, project management workshops)
  • Justin van den Berg (project trainee: research, content creation, scenography tours, additional fund raising)
  • Sarie Bekker (project trainee: research, content creation, development workshops & outreach)
  • Curators from several palaces (advisors and creators research & content)
  • with the aid of students from both Russia and the Netherlands, experts on history and storytelling / audiotours and is supported by several funds, governmental institutions and organisations like

We are happy to also welcome some external advisors:

  • Olga de Kort-Koulikova (music-journalist and musicologist, expert on Anna and music, embroidery, lectures, Russian translations)
  • Vincent Boele (external advisor research & content)
  • Anna Laurence (content creation (editor in chief English), audio / podcast manager)

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