Grand Peterhof Palace

Grand Peterhof Palace

The first documented record of Peterhof refers to the year 1705, when it was called in the Dutch manner as “Piterhof” – “Peter’s courtyard”. Peterhof is legitimately considered to be the creature of Peter the Great, – Anna Pavlovna’s grand grandfather. More than ten of his handmade drawings in reference to Peterhof, and even more sketches with his rectifications and notes, were preserved.

The construction of the residence, that was as beautiful and splendid as the best residences of European monarchy, including the French Versailles, commenced in 1714. The grand opening of Peterhof took place on the 15th of August 1723.  For a long time, the Grand Peterhof Palace (built in 1725, rebuilt in 1745-1755) has been a center of social life. Celebrations, receptions, balls and masquerades, inviting for up to three thousand guests, took place here. In the Palace Church, they held wedding ceremonies, baptized their children and served prayers in honor of military victories. According to chamber-fourrier jourmals Anna visited Peterhof many times before she left for the Netherlands.

During the years of the Second World War, the Grand Palace was burned and exploded. But already in May 1964, the first restored halls were re-opened. Today, the visitors can expect a fascinating journey around the magical palace, filled with objects of decorative-applied art, splendid furniture and superb sculptural and art works. 

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