About the project

  • Anna Pavlovna, ‘Home in two cultures’ is a (mobile) storytelling concept that researches, connects and creates an experience about ‘shared cultural heritage’ at various (palace) locations in the Netherlands and Russia.
    We aim at a broad audience in both countries. Instead of just making a publication or temporary exhibition that focusses on objects en historical facts, we want to bring the themes behind the objects, such as big changes in the life, learnings and love of Anna Pavlovna, her choices, the influences / influencing. Crucial are the life, thinking and travels of Anna, the tsar daughter who became Queen of the Netherlands and how this, together with the locations, can be made relevant and meaningful for nowadays audiences. 
    We try to do this in a way that will appeal and connect to nowadays themes and also can stay available for a longer period, because of the mobile / online component in combination with offline products and events.
    This bridges the locations where Anna lived, grew up and returned several times, such as Gatchina, Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk, and locations she moved to, stayed and influenced; such as Het Loo, Kneuterdijk and Soestdijk.

    This project is made possible with financial aid and support from Shared Heritage Fund / Dutch Culture and the Netherlands consulate-general in St. Petersburg


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