During her life Anna Pavlovna grew up and lived in, stayed at and visited many palaces. For the first phase of our project, we chose 7 palaces that are still important, 3 in the Netherlands and 4 in Russia.
In the Netherlands we chose
Paleis Kneuterdijk in the Hague, where she lived with her husband William II during their reign;
Paleis Soestdijk, which she reshaped after Pavlovsk Palace. It contains the famous Waterloo paining in a room she dedicated to her husband;
Paleis Het Loo, the first palace in the Netherlands that she visited and still one of the main royal palaces in the Netherlands.
In Russia we chose
Pavlovsk Palace, where she mainly grew up. The influence of her mother is important here;
Gatchina Palace, where she lived from 1795 to the death of her father tsar Paul I in 1801 and her brother tsar Nikolas I also lived; she returned to this palace more than once;
Tsarskoe Selo, this summer palace vibrates the influence of her grandmother, Catherine the Great;
Peterhof, the palace that her grand grandfather built and where many cultural exchanges took place between Russian and Dutch people throughout the centuries.


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